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Our Websites Promote Urban Fair Trade

Validate My Ride

Escaping The Job Desert

There's a vast labor pool in less advantaged neighborhoods where jobs are few and far between.

The jobs aren't coming to the employees, so Validate My Ride will bring the employees to the jobs.


The D.E.M.I.

Affordable Housing

Without government subsidies, we've created a way to provide affordable rents and options to own in under-served communities in Philadelphia.

Funding for this project is Rocky Roadz, equity crowdfunding that welcomes micro investors who live in the neighborhoods where the rowhouses will be built.


Rocky Roadz

Equity Crowd Funding

To finance The DEMI, Rocky Roadz REITs will target small investors, throughout the United States.

For the "townies" it will be a matter of self interest; For the unfortunates who don't live in Philadelphia, it will be their opportunity to temporarily own a piece of America's Birthplace.


The Advisory Team

"Idea Incubator"

Community input is the life blood of our websites. There are NO questions, suggestions, comments or purchases that are trivial.

ALL add something to our services and we consider each person who gets involved a valued member of our Advisory Team.


Vittle People

Creating Family Heirlooms / Coming Soon

Recipes are a family history that can be preserved in a bound volume for about $2 through Amazon.

Vittle People provides tools and instructions that make publishing a cookbook as easy as writing an email.

Cookbooks can also be marketed through Amazon.


Junk Yard Geeks

Treasure Map Makers

Visionaries and dreamers don't see piles of junk, they see how to transform them into things like Weather in a Can.

This open source project's goal is to provide simple plans for the tools and machines that can improve everyday life in "third world" villages and after calamities like earthquakes or hurricanes.



Rememories Of

On Line Mall

Our original website provides a massive selection of products and services for homeowners, contractors and house flippers.





Our Books on Amazon

Past Food

Nostalgic Delights

In 1962, seventeen years after the end of World War II, and eleven years before the last American was drafted, the male youth of the United States were considered an important military asset.

It made perfect sense to adapt the recipes used in military kitchens during the wars and serve them to “future soldiers” as part of school lunch programs.

Phast Food

Home Cookin'

“Phast” isn’t just an odd way to spell “Fast”; It is urban slang that means “To express satisfaction in an object”.

This cookbook contains government-developed recipes that were created to help families stretch their food budgets, without sacrificing quality or good nutrition.

Handy references describe commonly-used spices and herbs, and convenient ingredient substitutes.

Home Inspection

Preventative Maintenance

Annual, DIY home inspections find problems when they're still small and inexpensive.

They also provide reassurance to a future home buyer, and THAT increases the house's value.

Annual physical exams aren't just for people.





Branded Merchandise on Zillow

Our logos are available on a massive selection of products.
Your purchases make you an important, financial partner of our Urban Fair Trade projects.
(With bragging rights, of course.)



Spokes Elf

Inspired by the Grimm's fairy tale of elves helping a shoemaker, Buck represents our Rememories Of store, The DEMI, Junk Yard Geeks and Weather in a Can.

Drawn as a handyman, and a visual blend of "Papa Smurf®" and Santa Claus.


"Honey Doo"

Product Searches

Mascot for Rememories Of.

Honey Doo's name derives from the infamous "Honey Do" list that often leads a shopper to that site.


Tenant Liason

The DEMI is our affordable housing program.

Since Rememories Of coordinates the partnering companies who build and manage the buildings, Buck is there to help.




The Advisory Team

Everything on these sites begins in The Advisory Team.

Signing up for our updates makes you an important supporter of those projects in your community.



"The Heart"

Portions Guide

We think that the Vittle People daily portions guide is easier to understand than the government's pyramid versions.

Available as an imprint, or download a high resolution version FREE at The Heart.



"Buck 3"

MacGyver Wannabe

Weather in a Can is a Junk Yard Geeks effort to create open source plans for a Stirling Engine that can be freely distributed to regions of the world that suffer from water-borne parasites and illnesses, and a host of other problems.



Validate My Ride

Employment Service

An Urban Fair Trade project to help Philadelphia residents whose circumstances make them virtually unemployable prisoners of their neighborhoods.

Our Guiding Principle

It's Family Reunion Time

Like it or not, all Americans are in a gigantic, arranged marriage, with The Constitution as our pre-nup. That makes everyone else our brothers or sisters-inlaw.

It's time to listen with respect, argue with respect and treat each other with respect. Just as we do with our other inlaws and close family, we can agree to disagree.

Our American family deserves no less.
(End of sermon.)



Mason's Helper

Another of our Junk Yard Geeks creations is an open source device for assisting in constructing, and reconstructing, homes and huts in distant villages.

It will be designed for speed and to leave the back-breaking chores to "Frank"




Take One Minute For The Team

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