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. . . It's What Makes Rootsification © Possible

A Buck's Capacitor is a person (or a network of websites) who combines and stores small amounts of knowledge, experience or other assets
until they can be "discharged" in a carefully-planned, powerful and effective way, usually to achieve Rootsification ©.


No Cost

It Won't Cost You Anything

to have a massive impact on Philadelphia, and, eventually, other American cities.

We aren't seeking your money. We just hope to gain your moral support, your goodwill and your ideas.

Urban Fair Trade projects (linked above) are in a soft, rolling launch. During coming months and years, they will improve lives in Philadelphia's least advantaged neighborhoods.

At the center of each project is The Advisory Team. We hope that you'll become our team mate.

And maybe share us with some of your friends and family.

There's no cost, or work involved. You'll be signing up for updates about the projects, and you can opt out at anytime. A strong Advisory Team will guarantee the success of our projects.

That's because each sign up adds an estimated $100 to the value of these sites. We can leverage that increase into a much greater value in life-changing opportunities in employment, housing, healthy nutrition, finances and self respect.

Every member of The Advisory Team is considered a "Founder" who can take personal pride in anything that these projects accomplish, anywhere and at any time.

The pilot projects are focused on Philadelphia, but "Founders" will also be responsible for projects in other cities. We expect that our future partners in other cities will be inspired to replicate these sites after seeing what happens in Philadelphia.




We're Number One

We're Number ONE!

Philadelphia has been chosen as the location for the pilot Rootsification © project.

Rootsification © is like gentrification, but its benefits are focused on people whose roots are in the targeted neighborhoods.

Our success in Philly will set the tone for partnerships in disadvantaged neighborhoods nationwide. And your participation can make that happen.

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PLEASE NOTE: This program was inspired by
  • The Holy Bible
  • The Holy Quran
  • The Art of War by Sun Tzu
  • The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli
  • The Lessons of History by Will and Ariel Durant
  • Rachel, David and Allison
        In our opinion, the best idea incubators of all time.



House & Home Logo

The Rebate Investment

The charter sponsors of The Roots and Wings Journal will be restaurants and other food services. They will pay for their placements with gift certificates from their establishments, with forty percent (40%) of their payments rebated as shares in a Rocky Roadz project.

To create the rebates and provide more local employment opportunities, The Journal will use Urban Fair Trade barter services to convert restaurant gift certificates into some of the labors and supplies that will be needed to complete the project in which those shares are invested.

When you dine with any of these exceptional services, you are helping to make possible the affordable rents and options-to-buy features of The DEMI.

Thank You.








Three Landlords in North Philly


Model Home

To help both investors and tenants visualize the end results of Rocky Roadz, we will be rehabbing a row house in North Philadelphia into a model home for this project.

With its finances provided through crowd funding and our own product sales, this model home will not need tenants to prevent it from becoming a drain on finances that should be dedicated to other project expenses.

The model home will demonstrate how we plan to leverage what was there into what should have been there all along.

Its floor plan will be a simple, single family home whose layout can be inexpensively modified into two, small apartments, or used as it is for shared housing arrangements.




Update Previews

Our Tentative Launch Schedule of Rootsifications ©:
  •   April 1, 2018
  • The Roots and Wings Journal   May 15, 2018
  • (With In-House Launch of The P.A.S.E.)
  •   July 1, 2018




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