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For their mutual benefit, Rocky Roadz networks real estate consumers and real estate investors.


Buck Steps

Take Your Pick, Rocky Road is

  1. A local nickname for an avenue adjacent to some famous movie locations in Philadelphia,
  2. The kind of lives lived by most of the people who live on or near that street,
  3. An ice cream flavor that describes that avenue: Mostly “chocolate”, with some white pieces blended in, and some nuts that add qualities of their own,
  4. The name of the investment companies, followed by a number, that will fund The Demi and manage its buildings,
  5. All of the above.

Rocky Road 001 investments are being limited to restaurants and food services that participate
in the "Eat them INTO House and Home" promotion.





Paying I.T. Forward

This proposed rebirth

of Philadelphia’s least-advantaged neighborhoods is about “a shot at the title” of “landlord” for some of the countless North Philadelphia residents who feel the burn of entrepreneurship, but lack the partners and mentors needed to pursue that life choice.

Their “shot” is up to the investors who recognize that, in this venture, a profitable opportunity awaits them, as well as for these future entrepreneurs. Joining forces has many more advantages than does just throwing money at the problems. (“Teach a man to fish, ...”)

Government programs come and go, but few can lead to permanent solutions. The DEMI has created a potentially permanent framework that relies on the private sector and a profit motive, all-be-it one that gives a “family"" discount to its on-site partners.

Investments in “Rocky Roadz” are protected by real estate and earn more than almost any other investment (at least 6%). On their way to those profits, investors will be impacting families, increasing Philadelphia’s tax base, creating new “American Dreams” and literally changing the future of “The Birthplace of The Nation”.

We intend to transform “Rocky Road” from a figurative dead end street into the on ramp of a highway of possibilities.





No Decay

DEMI and Rocky Roadz

are standards that are pledged by independent companies that adopt those brand names.

Unlike many others who provide housing that is mathematically "affordable", these companies view their tenants as fair trade partners, not as a way to squeeze maximum profits from inferior accommodations. Rocky Roadz landlords don't just stabilize the decay of their buildings, they update, upgrade and maintain their properties. They do it legally and for a fair price.

A "DEMI" is a new row house that contains specific features and is built using cost-saving, modern techniques. Building sites are chosen to minimize neighborhood disruptions and gentrification. Our "Go Method" of selecting locations ensures that, not only are our investors protected, but adjoining properties will also experience profitable impacts from our projects.

A "Rocky Road" is a transitional owner of a row house who pledges fair rents to tenants for five years, with an option-to-buy agreement with one of those tenants. The terms of the leases and options are virtually identical for each building.

A Rocky Road owner can be a single investor, a traditional REIT or a company that uses the new "equity crowdfunding" services.

We call this combination of features "rootsification ©". It's like "gentrification", but it's done for the benefit of people who have roots in the community.







Every house that carries any of our brands must be incorporated somewhere in the United States. This provides greater protection for everyone involved.

It also ensures that, in five years when the option is exercised, the buyer will be able to finance as either a traditional mortgage or as a commercial purchase of a profitable, asset-holding company with a stellar credit rating. Personal financial circumstances will determine which financing method is chosen.


A limited number of rowhouses will be built and managed by The DEMI.

These rowhouses will be rehabs of existing housing. The properties will be upgraded by small contractors from the neighborhood and will be funded as part of the "Eat Them INTO house and Home" promotions. Each will be upgraded and refitted as two tenant, shared homes, with most of the features of the new DEMI rowhouses.

Private investors will be local individuals who take advantage of an installment purchase option whose payments can be as little as $10 per month.

Private Mortgages

There are many services that arrange real estate loans that are based on the income value of the property, and not on the owner's credit history or current indebtedness.

Packaged with other real estate professionals, these services can allow us to assemble landlord packages that will remove the risks and mistakes that often are made by novice investors. On their way to learning how to flip houses, they can earn profits without tenants needing to sacrifice safety or comfort.

Equity Crowdfunding

It is now legal to sell stock in a small company to multiple small, unacredited investors.

Personal Investment

Some investors will become involved to create positive social impact, with only a small reduction in the earning power of their investments.


A bank-financed version of the Personal Investment option.



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