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Are You Coming

The Companies That You See

anywhere in this network of sites are committed to customer satisfaction for BOTH financial and ethical reasons.

To each of them, "sustainable" means that good deeds that result from community partnerships are more effective and long-lasting than any other actions can even hope to duplicate.

So they are committed to one, or more, part of our projects.

Urban Fair Trade is primarily an advocate for mutually-respectful commerce, so we provide businesses with ways to offer consumers respect that they usually demonstrate with "family" discounts.

Most of those discounts are built into their investments in Rocky Roadz. Their participation makes affordable rent and home ownership possible and represents a multi-year commitment to their community.

Participation in Vittle People uses heirloom cookbook publication as a "Generation Effect" way to teach nutrition awareness as a life skill to young people.

The Advisory Team and Junk Yard Geeks build personal and community self respect through their mentoring of less fortunate individuals and communities world-wide. EVERY idea or comment helps in some way, so EVERY Advisor is responsible for the success of those mentoring efforts.

Validate My Ride acknowledges an often overlooked fact: "For want of a ride, an opportunity was lost. For want of that chance, a decent person was lost".

With that insight, companies are going out of their way to prosper with the help of the "Job Desert" residents that they hire.





Urban Fair Trade Sites

... Target Specific Insufficiencies

that plague many urban neighborhoods. The sites are private sector, "works in progress" that we hope others will imitate, for the benefit of the community and for their own personal profit.

PLEASE NOTE: We will be happy to share our experience and the basic framework of each site, but we retain all rights to all names, logos, trademarks, etc in order to protect our brand.


The D.E.M.I. is the designer of row houses that offer affordable rents and options to own, without sacrificing features that are common in substantially more expensive properties.

The DEMI is the public liason for the real estate operations.

Rocky Roadz is the financing branch of the real estate projects.
The first project will be financed entirely by investments from Philadelphia area businesses. The projects that follow will be equity crowd funded with investors of all types.


Validate My Ride is a ride service that helps local employers provide stability to the lives of new employees during their training periods.


Junk Yard Geeks owes its existence and its projects to suggestions and advice from the community.

The "dragonflies" in Philadelphia will be responsible for "storms" throughout the third world and the bragging rights belong to each of them.

(The "Philadelphia Dragonfly" logo is in the design stage. It is a cross between a dragon, a rattlesnake and a scorpion, with the approximate shape of a dragonfly, with boxing gloves on its front legs, venom in its fangs and tail, with fire coming from its lips. It's Philly attitude to its core. If, as the story goes, a cute little butterfly can flap its wings in China and cause a hurricane over the Atlantic Ocean, imagine how much more a "Philadelphia Dragonfly" can achieve.)


Vittle People targets young people, but is open for anyone's use.

Compiling a cookbook gives a family an heirloom and the book's author experience with nutritional content, menu planning and budgeting. ("The Generation Effect")

"Published Author" is also a very impressive entry for school, scholarship or employment applications.






DEMI and Rocky Roadz

are standards that are pledged by independent companies that adopt those brand names.

A "DEMI" is a new row house that contains specific features and is built using cost-saving, modern techniques. Building sites are chosen to minimize neighborhood disruptions. Our "Go Method" of selecting locations ensures that, not only are our investors protected, but adjoining properties will also experience profitable impacts from our projects.

A "Rocky Road" is a transitional owner of a row house who pledges affordable rents to tenants for five years, with an option-to-buy agreement with one of those tenants. The terms of the leases and options are virtually identical for each building.

A Rocky Road owner can be a single investor, a traditional REIT or a company that uses the new "equity crowdfunding" services.






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